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Visit our immersive exhibitions

In the Phoenixhalle, 10 minutes from Dortmund city center, Phoenix des Lumières presents digital exhibitions that transport visitors into the visual world of important figures in art history in a room of impressive proportions. Around 100 state-of-the-art video projectors and a comprehensive surround sound system enable visitors to experience immersive productions up to a height of almost 13 m.

Enjoy the long program "Dalí: The Endless Enigma", which takes you through works from more than 60 years of the Spanish artist's career: From Cubism to Surrealism and Futurism to his later Realism, visitors to the exhibition go on a thematic tour through metaphysical landscapes and imaginative worlds. This is followed by the short program "Gaudí: Architect of the Imaginary" and the contemporary piece "3 Movements".

Free tour of the immersive exhibition

Our exhibition should unfold its effect on visitors individually! That is why we do not offer guided tours. There is also information about the artworks, artists and the location in our exhibition hall. Group visits take place during opening hours.

Group visit with use of bistro

Would you like to visit the exhibition during regular opening hours but make exclusive use of our bistro before or after? Please contact us!


Would you like to surprise your group with a few souvenirs of the exhibition? We will be happy to prepare something for you - just contact us!

Useful information and an overview of the exhibition times can be found here.

We can accommodate group visits for up to 250 people.

Average length of stay: 90 minutes / From 15 people.


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