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Salvador Dalí's work is a spectacle! You weigh up between fairy tales, hallucinations and dreams. What you shouldn't miss on canvas is almost even more fantastic in our new exhibition Dalí: The Endless Enigma.

Throughout his life and to this day, Salvador Dalí was considered one of the most dazzling figures in contemporary art. His twirled mustache is just as iconic as his painting “The Persistence of Memory” with the world-famous, dissolving clocks.

Immerse yourself and your students in the surrealist works of this great artist and lose yourself in his fantastic world.

This will be followed by the short program "Gaudí: Architecture of the Imagination" and the contemporary piece "3 Movements".

Schools & Universities

Phoenix des Lumières enables pupils and students of all ages to experience art in a new setting.

  • We offer accompanying educational material for preparation and follow-up
  • Free viewing of the immersive exhibition
  • Accompanying teachers receive free admission

Average length of stay: 90 minutes / From 15 persons.