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Practical information

Where to find us?

Phoenix Platz 4
44263 Dortmund

Getting there by public transport (25 minutes)
U-Bahn ab Innenstadt, Haltestelle 'Dortmund Hörde/Rombergpark' / Bus 445 or 451, Haltestellen 'PHOENIX Halle' 'Phoenix Platz' or 'Am Heedbrink'.

Getting there by bicycle
Road Bundesstraße 54 


The Phoenix des Lumières is accessible to visitors in wheelchairs.

Buggies are forbiden for safety reasons. We advise you to bring a baby carrier.

Cellophane suitcases are forbidden. For security reasons, the contents of each bag must be controlled.

Pets are not allowed in the art centre.

The programme in the Studio may present risks for people with epilepsy and is not suitable for very young children.
We do not recommend visiting with children under the age of 2.
Please take care of your children.